For your best photo-experience in Hoi An or Danang,  join Photo Voyager. Whether it is a one-hour private lesson or a longer journey into the local scenes and culture, you can’t go wrong.

Formerly named Hoi An Photo Walks, Photo Voyager was started in 2013 in Hoi An, Vietnam, by Dutch photographer Pieter Janssen. Now Vietnam is open again we are back in business.

Hoi An By Night

This workshop is fully dedicated to low light photography. Learn how to shoot with and without tripod.


Go private for One-On-One Tuition and a custom made itinerary.

Morning In the Alleys

We’re going into a Vietnamese neighbourhood to experience local life. Excellent for street- and portrait photography, a touch of culture, contact with locals.

Sunrise In Town

Experience ancient Hoi An before the tourists arrive. Sunrise, interaction with locals, portraits and much more. Now includes breakfast!

Countryside Sunset

We go to the countryside! Farmers, crops, rice paddies and hopefully a nice sunset.

Passionate service

Secure booking

Beautiful places

More than just photography


Smartphone friendly

All tours are lead by photographer Pieter Janssen, who lives in Vietnam since 2005. So you’re always dealing with the same passionate and friendly person!

For bookings, just make a reservation with or without payment here.

Join to discover unexpected spots!

Although photography is the main subject you will learn a lot about local culture as well. When you know more about a country you will be able to give your photos more depth, more meaning.

If you prefer something more tailor-made, please get in touch and we will work something out.

Even with “just” a smartphone you will learn how to take outstanding photos!