Live photography sessions.


Rough times on planet Earth! Many have lost their income, including me. I have done photography tours for many years. My clients were almost 100% tourists and, although Vietnam is Covid-19 free,  I won't be seeing them for many months to come. The solution to my personal survival is offering lessons live on Instagram. Low costs for you, but if enough people sign up I can hopefully stay alive.

Who am I? I am Pieter Janssen, a Dutch photographer in Hoi An, Vietnam. There I run the highly respected photo tour company Photo Voyager and I have been doing photography tours for seven years.

Due to the absence of tourists normal tours are not happening now. The online lessons will be on certain days at certain times in English and in Dutch. Since millions of pubs and barbers are closed you might as well go for a photography lesson. With your newly learnt skills you can add some excitement to your life, instead of feeling bored on your sofa. If you join with a friend you can split the costs!

The live lessons are on Zoom, so you need to have this installed on your phone or computer.

How does it work?
Choose the session you would like to do, pick one of the available dates, book and pay. And then we will meet whenever you choose. The cutoff time is midnight of the previous day. I need time to send you my confirmation with the details.

On the session you will receive a password, which will give you access to the Clients section on my website. There you can read about everything (and more) I have talked about. Everything is explained in a simple way, so nothing can go wrong there.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, check my reviews on Tripadvisor and Google!

Available lessons:

- camera settings  US$ 10

- composition  US$ 10

- private  US$ 20 (for this we can also use WhatsApp or Skype)



Whenever a new session is ready I will add it to this list.

Hope to see you soon!