Success stories

Success Stories is a place where I share stories from people who have changed on my tours.

Being a photography teacher is not just a job, for me it is much more than that. On my tours I like to share my knowledge, open your eyes and ignite your passion. You carry the experience with you for the rest of your life and sometimes it is life-changing.

A lot of people give feedback by writing a review and sometimes it goes much further than that. On this page I post the most extraordinary experiences. As I am writing this, there is only one. Hopefully there will be more!

The first one is from Rey Benasfre.

Some 3-4 years after Rey had been on the Morning In The Alleys tour I received a message from him. It touched my heart as it turns out going on that tour changed his life and made him pursue his dreams. As I always try, I ignited his passion and over the years he became a commercial photographer. Now he is a wedding & portrait photographer in Eastern North Carolina, USA.

See his work here.

success stories

Good luck to you Rey and I hope one day we will meet again!