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  • Sunrise In Town

    Explore ancient Hoi An before the tourists arrive. Sunrise, interaction with locals, portraits and much more. Now includes breakfast!

  • Sunrise with the fishermen

    It is very hard to beat the photographic opportunities at a fishing village near the ocean.

  • Foto tour in de steegjes van Hoi An

    Een foto tour in Hoi An, voor Nederlands sprekenden.

  • Morning In the Alleys

    Experience local life in a Vietnamese neighbourhood. Excellent for street- and portrait photography, a touch of culture, contact with locals.

  • Smartphone tour

    Going around with a smartphone is the easiest way to blend in and get amazing images.

  • Countryside Sunset

    We’re going to the countryside to meet the farmers. Country-side life, different kind of crops, a shipyard and hopefully a nice sunset!

  • Hoi An By Night

    This workshop is fully dedicated to low light photography. Learn how to shoot with and without tripod.

  • Private

    Go private if you want a tour or lesson which caters to your needs only. That means any regular tour or a custom made itinerary.

  • Private online lesson – English

    This a private online live photography lesson.
    As it is private, the contents can be anything you desire and so you can ask any question you have. If you happen to be Dutch or Flemish, we can do it in Dutch here.
    Topics could be:

    How does a camera work
    The settings that give you the highest success rate
    Taking portrait photos of strangers
    How to shoot street scenes
    Composition (What to put into

  • Prive online (Nederlands)

    Dit is een privé live online fotografie les.
    Omdat hij privé is kunnen we het overal over hebben en je hebt de mogelijkheid om al je vragen te stellen.
    Waar zouden we het over kunnen hebben?

    Camera instellingen
    Compositie (wat je in je foto stopt en wat niet, voorgronden, achtergronden, het gebruik van lijnen en vormen, hoe om te gaan met lichtcontrasten etc.
    Hoe je portret foto’s maakt van vreemden
    Nacht fotografie