Composition – English

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This is a 1-hour online live lesson on composition. The lesson will be in English.

It does not matter what kind of camera (or smartphone) you have, when you aim it at something and press the button you will have a photo. What matters is what you put into it (and what not) and how you arrange everything. I will talk about a bunch of techniques which will make your images more interesting and along with it I show some of my photos and explain how to apply those techniques.

The session starts at 16:00 hours Vietnam time. Check your own time here:

10:00 UK
11:00 Central Europe
16:00 Indochina / Thailand
17:00 Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Perth
19:00 Australia (Sydney time)
21:00 New Zealand

If your country or region is not listed, check out the world clock here. And then simply join!

If this time slot is inconvenient please send a message and we’ll do it when it suits you. But please bear in mind there is a time difference.


When booking, choose one of the following dates:

July 5
July 9
July 12
June 16

Every week the list of dates will be updated.

The lesson can be seen via Zoom, so you need to have this installed on your phone or computer.