Countryside Sunset

14:30 - 18:00
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Please note that April 7 2024 is the last day this tour can be done. I will relocate to Portugal.

Countryside Sunset means we’re going to the countryside, by boat. There we will go around in an area which contains rice fields, all sorts of crops and villages. Depending on the season you will see (many) workers in the fields. In the village we will have more contact with locals and do some portrait photography. Along the way you will learn many aspects of photography and whoever needs it gets support.

We will witness the beautiful changes of light. For portrait photographers the golden hour is the perfect time to shoot. The warm soft glow of the sun creates a beautiful atmosphere and some of the best light of the day.

As the sun sets further we will walk along the river towards the boat, which brings us back to Hoi An. The last part is dedicated to a workshop on low light photography, in Hoi An town. It covers all the basics, shooting with your camera handheld.

This tour has the option to be extended by one hour, for a more detailed look on night photography. If you don’t have a tripod, I can provide one. Also for those who shoot with a smartphone the additional hour shows you how to get the best results. Additional costs are US$ 15 or VND 350,000 per person.

On tour you will receive a password, which gives you access to the “clients” section. There you will find many articles on things I talk about on tour, especially the technical issues. When you hear all the options the main camera settings have to offer, you may feel confused at times. These articles make sure you will never forget what you learnt! Another place you may want to check out is a Hoi An Photo Walks page (dedicated to tours in Hoi An only). It gives an insight on how to create images.

US$50 / VND 1,250,000 adults
US$30 / VND 750,000 children 12-17 years
START/RETURN  Downtown Hoi An
DURATION 14:30 – 18:00
LEVEL Any camera, including smartphone
Transportation by boat

Each tour is weather dependent. In case of heavy rain the tour may be postponed or cancelled. We will contact you no later than half an hour before the start of the tour and we will reschedule. If you already have paid and there is no other possibility to do the tour, we will refund the money.


This tour is suitable for all levels and all types of cameras, including smartphones. From beginners to the more advanced or even pros.

What do we cover?

  • The essential camera settings
  • When to use which settings
  • What to put into your composition
  • When to press the button
  • Storytelling
  • Take portrait photos
  • The importance of being in control of the light (also for smartphones)
  • Controlling the background
  • The art of being patient
  • Being aware of what is going on around you
  • Communication with someone who does not speak your language
  • Culture and photography
  • Things to think about when shooting landscapes

If you do the extra hour:

  • Why it is important to take full control when shooting at night
  • Night photography while handholding your camera
  • Working with a tripod
  • HDR technology

No matter what your level is, there is no pressure. The tour is a good mixture of learning new skills, having a good time and getting more in depth knowledge of Vietnam .