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This a private online live photography lesson.

As it is private, the contents can be anything you desire and so you can ask any question you have. If you happen to be Dutch or Flemish, we can do it in Dutch here.

Topics could be:

  • How does a camera work
  • The settings that give you the highest success rate
  • Taking portrait photos of strangers
  • How to shoot street scenes
  • Composition (What to put into your photo and what not, foregrounds and backgrounds, use of lines, forms and shapes, dealing with light contrasts etc.)
  • Low light photography
  • Being creative with your shutter speed

How does it work?
Choose a day, a time and the length of the lesson. Then make the booking. After that I will either send you a confirmation or I will try to reschedule if I am not available. Or just keep it simple and send me an email ( Then we work it out from there. Once confirmed you can pay via Paypal.

The price is just US$ 15 per hour. My normal private tours cost US$ 60 per hour, so this is a real bargain.

As I live in Vietnam, bear in mind that there is a time difference (as well as Winter-Summer time – the next schedule is based on Summer time). Depending on where you are, add or deduct time to determine the time in Vietnam.

UK – add 6 hours
Central Europe – add 5 hours
Indochina / Thailand – same time
Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Perth – deduct 1 hour
Australia (Sydney time) – deduct 3 hours
New Zealand – deduct 5 hours
USA – add 11-17 hours

If your country or region is not listed, check out the world clock here. And then simply book!

On the session you will receive a password, which will give you access to the Clients section on my website. There you can read about everything (and more) I have talked about. Everything is explained in a simple way, so nothing can go wrong there.

The lesson can be done via any application you like (WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom, to name a few).

If I haven’t convinced you yet, check my reviews on Tripadvisor and Google!

Thanks and hope to see you soon!