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This is a 1-hour online live lesson on camera settings. The lesson will be in English.

Digital cameras have become incredibly sophisticated, but despite the long lists of features you still need to do a few things yourself apart from pressing the shutter button. On my tours I have had many who used the camera in the “auto” setting. This can result in beautiful images, yet there are plenty of failures.

Whatever camera you have, you too will be able to take outstanding photos. Instead of just pressing the shutter button you actually need to tell your camera what you want. And this is exactly what you will learn in this one-hour lesson.

Learn how to be in charge of your camera. When and why would you want to give a certain effect to the photo and how do you control the light.

After this lesson you are ready to make your images look the way you want it.


The session starts at 14:00 hours Vietnam time. Check your own time here:

08:00 UK
09:00 Central Europe
14:00 Indochina / Thailand
15:00 Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Perth
17:00 Australia (Sydney time)
19:00 New Zealand

If your country or region is not listed, check out the world clock here. And then simply join!

If this time slot is inconvenient please send a message and we’ll do it when it suits you. But please bear in mind there is a time difference.


When booking, choose one of the following dates:

July 5
July 9
July 12
June 16

Every week the list of dates will be updated.

The lesson can be seen via Zoom, so you need to have this installed on your computer or phone.


On the session will receive a password, which gives you access to the “clients” section. There you will find many articles on the things I talked about. When you hear all the options the main camera settings have to offer, you may feel confused at times. These articles make sure you will never forget what you learnt!